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"He's always been a black sheep" 

From a Texan childhood marked by bullying due to his Nigerian heritage, Mr. FoW earned dual Magna Cum Laude degrees from Texas Tech University & University of Texas.

He's evolved into a leading voice on the Workplace of the Future and Future of Work, collaborating with Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and WeWork, and gaining recognition from Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and LinkedIn.

Mr. FoW's unique journey stands out.


Shift from me to we

Tim Salau, "Mr. Future of Work," a Nigerian-American activist and global tech leader, leads global discussions on the Workplace of the Future and Talent Economy.

He advises CEOs and world leaders on building thriving organizations through talent and culture worldwide.

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We're Live! 

We're Live: An online series empowering business leaders and young professionals to lead with ownership and thrive in the Workplace of the Future, sponsored by Team Guide.


Partner with Guide

Guide owns Guide app, a bite-size video SaaS training platform for remote teams, and Big Black Tea, a premium food and beverage tea brand increasing wellness in business and corporate America.

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The Guide Group, the world's largest Future of Work community, boasts 300,000+ members globally, including business leaders, professionals, and students. Passionate about leadership and career fulfillment, the community discusses essential skills and mindset for success in work and life.

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