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Gain High-Performing Leadership Habits

When leading in chaos, you need habits that improve team morale, create clarity, and allow you to stand out

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Lead with Zen

Shift how you lead, gain better results from your team, and become recognized by peers in your industry

Gain a Promotion

Go from Senior Manager to Vice President with our blueprint

Reduce Team Churn 

Instill psychological safety to build and lead sustaining high-performing teams

Grow Your Team

Leaders create Leaders. Learn how to sustainably scale a growing team

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Discover Your Zen Spot 

Only a handful of high-profile leaders leverage the core principles of Zen Leadership to succeed in their industry


"Discipline is everything. We've been able to succeed as a company because of our emphasis on focus and discipline."

Mathilde Collin, CEO of Front


"My number one role as president is to create clarity and I made sure I did that every day for the American people."

Barack Obama, Chairman of Obama Foundation


"My job as a leader is to work with our teams and empower them. I have to paint a crystal clear vision and hold the canvas. No pun intended."

Melanie Perkins, CEO of Canva

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Train with the Best

Affordable Pricing

We offer individual and team discounts, up to 65%

Private Live Trainings

Join us for 1-hr LIVE trainings every Wednesday evening


Gain access to our private community chat group with your cohort peers

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Lead with the Best

Get hired by top companies who hire & recruit for Zen leaders

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Meet Your Coach

Tim Salau, CEO of Guide, draws from a decade in top hi-tech companies like Google, WeWork, and Microsoft to share key leadership habits sought by senior executives.

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