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Why Mr. FoW? 

We're a VC and PE firm investing globally in tech and future work & living, scaling your mission from day one

$1B+ AUM

We support founders for mid-to-long-term returns (7-10 years), with a sweet spot at 5 years for acquisition or sell-off success, guiding you from idea to IPO.

End-to-End Holistic Support

We assist founders from ideation to distribution and harvest. We get our partners involved too.

Hybrid Financing & Flexible Terms

We're agnostic to geography, stage, industry, product, or service. We provide flexible on-demand financing and act as long-term partners from day one.

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Introducing Ecosystem by Mr. FoW 

Our unique CROWD platform for the next-generation of creators, investors, and founders. You will be able to invest in the best deals with Mr. FoW using a CROWD SAFE note. No fees. No carried interest. No speculative middle-man. You win when we win. And we always win. 

Why Ecosystem?

Our Team


Mr. Future of Work, Tim Salau

Founder & General Partner

"With my firm, I want to inspire the next-generation of artists, creators, and founders. You can do anything. It starts with your mindset, how you think."

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Our Venture Portfolio

We invest in batches throughout the year, aiming for 3-6 deals annually. Our busiest times are typically in the fall or winter, so reach out to review our portfolio.

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Our Thesis

We need movement makers, ecosystem builders and diverse innovators who come from all walks of life.

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