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"People drive innovention."


Speaking & Event Hosting

Our firm has spoken globally to diverse audiences, from HR leaders to C-Suite executives, including the President of Honduras. Review Tim's speaker's kit for topics and collaboration details.

Mr. Future of Work in Residence

For organizations seeking advisory on the workplace of the future and crafting tailored talent experiences, a flat monthly retainer offers unlimited access for idea sharing, feedback, perspective, and guidance on talent initiatives.


Corporate Leadership Training

We offer private workshops for organizations to empower employees as ambassadors and thought leaders. These workshops equip leaders at all levels with skills and the zen mindset.

Sponsored Content &

Brand Ambassadorship

For organizations aiming to reach a global audience of multicultural business leaders, sponsorship offers exposure. Choose one month of content sponsorship: 3 video series episodes, 3 podcast episodes, or sponsored posts and event appearances. Work with us to create something custom.

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Why Work With Tim

Innovator & Pioneer

He's building Guide, a next-gen lifestyle brand reshaping work, living, and learning, recognized by Forbes as a 'Next 1000' company to watch

Highly Acclaimed & Recognized

Endorsed by global brands and publications, including Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Google, The Young President's Organization, and SXSW, for his leadership and tech contributions.

Streets Smart & Book Smart

His hybrid career spans Microsoft, Google, WeWork, and Facebook, with prior experience in Corporate America.

Community-driven Humanitarian

With a global community of 300K+ business leaders and students on LinkedIn, Tiktok, and Instagram, he inspires millions to thrive in the Future of Work and prioritize purpose over paychecks.

Partner: Features

And more...

First & Only

"First UT Austin and Texas Tech alum featured in Forbes Next 1000. Pioneering Nigerian-American as Chief Evangelist and Brand Ambassador for a multinational tech company

Offers a Unique & Modern Perspective

A prominent Nigerian-American activist and global authority shaping discussions on the Workplace of the Future and talent economy.

Dynamic and Engaging Speaker 

No boring slides in his keynotes. He captivates with engaging stories, practical takeaways, and audience interaction.

Global Footprint

Crafting the world's largest Future of Work community, a 300K+ global network, fostering career success for business leaders in the Future of Work.

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